Fighting Back Against Credit Card Fraud

by James Brady

Hydro Grow lost over $20,000 dollars over the course of 2011 as a result of credit card fraud.  While those loses will never be recouped, Hydro Grow is now taking the steps to ensure that they are less susceptible to the fraudulent activity that cost them in the 2011 fiscal year.  As a small business owner it is imperative to learn from the mistakes of companies such as Hydro Grow and to secure your small business against credit card fraud  before it happens.  If you haven’t taken a look through our advice articles Michael Lawson, a featured contributor for has taken a look at credit card processing fraud as it relates to small business owners.  /preventing-credit-card-processing-fraud/

The original article regarding Hydro Grow and their new security measures for 2020 can be found here:


As always please be sure to get back to us with your own comments or experiences as it is through an open forum that we can best address the issues surrounding small businesses and credit card processing.

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