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On July 24, 2020
Last modified:August 20, 2020


CDG Commerce was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia. They also has an office in San Pedro, California. CDG Commerce is a registered merchant service provider of First National Bank of Omaha.

CDG Commerce

CDG Commerce was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia. They also has an office in San Pedro, California. CDG Commerce is a registered merchant service provider of First National Bank of Omaha. They offer both card present and card-not-present solutions in the forms of virtual gateways, regular swiped credit card terminals, as well as wireless terminals. They won the Editors Choice Award in July 2005 from WebHostMagazine for merchant service providers. One of their main advertising points is their customer service, they claim on their website that they have a 98.1% merchant satisfaction rating.

Reputation and Rating

CDG Commerce is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating with them. Over the past three years, they’ve only had one complaint filed against them which is an incredible achievement. The one complaint filed in April of this year cited Billing/Collection issues. Sine there was only one complaint filed against them in the Better Business Bureau’s website, a little more research was done to see if their customers were filing their complaints elsewhere. Surprisingly, there were very minimal complaints filed against them on other online forums and virtually zero on big complaint boards like There are a lot of merchant service providers that are not exactly honest or eager to help after an account has been set up so to see a merchant service provider with so few complaints is truly impressive and is a direct reflection on how a business operates.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

CDG Commerce seems to almost solely rely on resellers and independent sales agents to offer their products and services. Their website advertises that they have over 1,000 partners worldwide offering their services. This does come as a surprise because usually merchant service providers that rely heavily on resellers and independent agents have a large number of complaints filed against them since their sales techniques can sometimes be hard to control. CDG Commerce seems to be an exception to the rule. They also have a referral program in which other business that may offer software like virtual gateways refer their customers over to CDG.

Rates and Fees Schedule

CDG does advertise their qualified and non qualified rates on their website. But a business should never trust what’s advertised on a merchant service providers website to be the full schedule. It is always advised to call in and review the merchant application in writing before signing up. For retail swiped merchants, they offer a 1.75% & $0.25 per transaction rate for qualified transactions. An additional 1.25% & $0.10 will be added on for non qualified transactions. They charge a $10 monthly service fee and a required annual charge of $79 for their “terminal replacement program”. For e-commerce accounts, they offer a 2.25% & $0.30 per transaction fee as their qualified rate with an additional 1.5% & $0.10 surcharge for non qualified transactions, and a $10 monthly service fee. They also do not have a monthly minimum on their internet accounts unlike most merchant service providers. Despite their good reviews and low number of complaints, their rates are a little on the high side when compared to other merchant service providers.



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